access control


Is it possible for people to have both freedom of movement and complete security in any given area? With the ability to determine precisely who is able to enter and leave an area, combined with a predetermined level of access assigned to each approved entrant, this sort of freedom is possible. Old-fashioned lock and key systems have many drawbacks, but today’s controlled access systems (e.g. fingerprint readers, card readers and keypads) overcome those drawbacks and bring many advantages to the table. Modern systems let managers monitor doors automatically and lock and unlock them as needed. This gives managers the power to monitor the movement of individuals within the system. This is valuable information in the event of a security incident.


Artech is the leading security company in Greater Vancouver Area. As a leader in the industry we specialize in designing and installing access control systems in accordance with the precise security needs of each client.

We offer a wide variety of access control systems , including:

  • Web Based  – Control your system remotely through smartphone.
  • Keypad Based – is a classic and effective “at-the-door” solution.
  • Biometric Based  – reads the fingerprints of those seeking access. This is an absolutely foolproof.
  • Proximity Access Control uses both fobs and key cards.

We are experts in our field and have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to work closely with you to design and install just the right access control system to suit your needs. We work only with the very best brands. Among them are: HID, CDVI, KANTECH, ICT, KEYSCAN, MAXXESS, BRIVO, IEI.


Access Control Systems integrate easily into multi-point security plans that literally keep all your bases covered. We take every aspect of your layout into account. For example, we consider:

  • Lighting and heating & cooling systems
  • Security Video Surveillance Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Electronic locks
  • Elevator Control

…that are already in place as we create an access control system specific to your location. We believe that it is essential to integrate your new system with the systems you already have in place for a seamless transition, comprehensive coverage and robust performance.


At Artech Security we hire only the best in experienced, knowledgeable, professional security systems specialists. We provide our own comprehensive training so that you can count on consistent, top quality service every step of the way.

Our specialists are unparalleled when it comes to designing the very best in access and visitor management solutions for any setting. We have experience with:

  • Government installations
  • Commercial applications
  • Residential applications
  • Office buildings
  • Medical clinics
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels


Our access control systems are state of the art and include:

  • Traditional card access
  • Biometrics readers
  • Keypad systems
  • Gates

Select the system that will work best in your setting, and we will work with you to personalize it to meet all of your unique requirements.

Our services available in Greater Vancouver Area including West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Delta, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Pit Meadows, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Mission.

No matter what your access control needs – from single door to network access – commercial or residential – we have what it takes to design and install the perfect Access Control Security system for you.