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Hello and welcome. We are glad that you found us on the web. There are plenty of options when it comes to door Access Control in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Of course, it’s best to weigh them as carefully as possible. Artech Security is at your service to help you make the best choice. Artech Security has been the provider of door access control solutions in the Maple Ridge area for nearly a decade now. As you would imagine, a wealth of knowledge and expertise have been accumulated within that time frame. After serving the area so long, the business feels a great sense of respect for the community. There have been a lot of great relationships formed with local suppliers. Also at the forefront of each job are highly trained professionals that take the utmost care in delivering the best service possible. The expectations and overall satisfaction of the customers are always put above all else.

One of the leading styles of door access control among businesses in Maple Ridge, BC is proximity card readers. The name should tell you all you need to know. Proximity cards can be assigned to employees to grant them special area access. Corresponding readers will be installed near any relevant doors, working to control their locks. The employee only has to display their card to the reader to gain access. This is one of the leading solutions given its inexpensive nature. The cards are both cheap to produce and durable. Proximity cards can also be deactivated with ease if an employee happens to be fired. The security of your premises will be well within your control.

If you need an even more secure means of door control in Maple Ridge BC, Biometric control may be the solution you’re looking for. Biometric door control access systems require finger or hand prints to be scanned before access is granted to anyone. This is much more difficult for any unapproved personnel to fudge. Some biometric door scanners can even be set to require a retina scan.

Whatever your security needs may be, Artech Security will be able to help you land on the best possible solution. Every business has their needs, so each consultation is met with the utmost in personal attention. After careful consideration, the best recommendations for your particular business will be laid out in full. If you’re interested in a consultation with Artech Security’s door access control experts, you can get in touch by calling (604) 537-7488.

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