wiring and data cabling


Artech Security is a certified provider of structured cabling of all kinds right in Greater Vancouver Area. Whether you need work done for Cat 5E, Cat 6, Network, Fiber Optic, Data, or even Low Voltage cabling, you will be well covered.

Artech has immense experience in the field, with years of service and expertise at your disposal. Wiring work can be done for a myriad of industries, including educational institutes, hotels or motels, hospitals, commercial buildings, retail establishments or personally owned businesses, and even healthcare offices. Construction contractors will be worked with closely, as well as IT management staff, interior designers, architects, and any relevant building or business owners.

The engineers on staff are well trained, with specified expertise in areas such as installation, design, maintenance, and implementation of even the most sophisticated of networking systems.


The entirety of the services available on hand includes the following:

  • Communications Cabling. This is useful for the likes of landline telephones in offices.
  • Cable And Wire Repair Service. If you have any problems with cabling and wiring that have already been installed, the issue can be sorted out with a full diagnostic and repair process. Any necessary upgrades will be made to improve the system dramatically.
  • Network And Data Cabling. This serves the likes of web design and IT infrastructures, allowing the most expedient communication possible with high speed cables such as fiber optic and more.
  • Server Rack Cabling. Your data center racks will be given the utmost in professional labeling and organization.
  • Structured Cabling. You can ensure the resilience of your office connections via purely industry standard layouts.

Services are also made available for a host of different scenarios you may find yourself in. These include: 

  • Business Relocation. Many don’t realize it, but a lot of wiring and cabling work comes with the territory of moving your business. Artech is able to tackle the entirety of your network infrastructure, creating a smooth transition the whole way through. Your system can be installed in the next location much the same as in the previous, with any necessary changes made along the way.
  • Infrastructure Improvements. Artech can also take your existing infrastructure and give it a full upgrade, all while keeping interruptions to your business at a minimum. Diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades will be implemented as needed, giving you a more up to date system with only the highest quality components.
  • New Location Cabling. If you have to move into a new location of any kind, Artech Security can determine all of your cabling needs and design a personalized around whatever best serves you. The low voltage cable installers will then lend their expertise to the installation process, making sure everything works efficiently. The process will be wrapped up with ample testing and the utmost care in creating an organized system for easier troubleshooting down the line.


All of your network cabling and wiring needs can be met easily through Artech Security. The services are all available on an individual basis, or as part of a larger installation package belonging to a large scale business.

Free site surveys are available to help sort out exactly what you need at your particular site, and there’s no obligation to follow up if you decide to go another way.

Just get in touch and you’ll be that much closer to having your networking all sorted out.