intercom systems

Intercom Security Systems

Artech Security is a prominent security business in the area. We focus and specialize in installing, fixing, upgrading, and repairing most intercom systems, based on the needs and security concerns of our clients. We can customize intercom systems for office environment, schools, residential homes and buildings, commercial structures, retail spaces, and much much more.

The intercom systems we offer are quite varied, but include the following

  • Audio and video intercom systems that employ APP.
  • IP-based intercom systems.
  • Telephone entry systems.
  • Room-to-room intercom systems.
  • Wireless doorbell buzzer systems.
  • Audio intercoms.
  • Wireless intercoms.

We can both design and then install the intercom system that you need for your home or business, and we use a number of intercom-entry systems from reliable brands such as: Aiphone, Viking, Nutone, Alpha, Mircom, Linear, Comelit, and Siedle. We can install your intercom system for internal use, external use, or both, and we can do it using pre-existing computer networks or phone lines.


An audio intercom system lets users communicate vocally while in different rooms of a larger building or structure, like apartments or offices. An external audio intercom system lets employees or even residents screen potential visitors while they are still outside the point of entry. An internal audio intercom system lets people in different rooms communicate with each other, or makes public announcements possible.

We offer a variety of attractive styles of sleek yet durable audio intercom systems for both internal and external use. A number of our models include a number of handsets, whereas others have the capacity for the conveniences that come with hands-free use.


Like purely audio intercom varieties, audio/video intercoms are installed either inside or outside a business front or a home. On top of sound clarity, AV intercoms offer crisp images, thanks to the AV transmitter and receiver sitting in one cabinet. The advantage that an AV system offers over audio intercoms is that the user can see a possible visitor or conversation partner, which means an additional layer of security. This gives many users great peace of mind.

We have AV intercom systems with innovations like video memory, color imagery, and zoom/tilt/pan views.



Telephone entry systems are connected directly to a residential phone line in their building. Residents get called without any calls going to a central office, which minimizes phone charges. Phone-entry intercom systems are cheap, convenient, and private, since the phone number dialed is not revealed.



Regardless of whether you need an intercom system for an office space, a retail store, or a building with multiple tenants, consult with your expert team so that we can design and install a customized intercom system that suits your exact needs. Also call us if you need repairs or upgrades to a pre-existing system.