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Maple Ridge, BC has known a tremendous growth over the past ten years. Counting some 76,000 inhabitants, Maple Ridge is still one of the smallest communities in BC. Despite its evolution from a tiny manufacturing town to an industrial one, manufacturing traditions are still alive and kicking, the city being home to numerous small and medium businesses and medical facilities. Shops, offices, and restaurants have one thing in common, regardless their location, from the Valley Fair Mall to 224 Street and the downtown area. They all need effective and affordable Intercom and Telephone Entry control. This is where Artech Security can help you! We have more than one decade of experience in partnering with small and mid-sized businesses in Maple Ridge, catering to all their phone entry control needs, and providing them seamless customer services. We are aware of your need for improved security, for offering your employees the protection their deserve, and for keeping your assets safe. Thanks to out intercom or telephone entry systems, you can benefit from all these and more!

According to the latest statistics, burglary rates in Maple Ridge, BC have decreased over the past few years. Nonetheless, security is still one of the main concerns of local business owners. As a matter of fact, the decrease in the criminality rate is due to measures taken by businesses to improve their security. More and more business facilities in Maple Ridge make use of new technologies that provide a much better security than the old lock and key methods. Even better, thanks to technology progress, intercom equipment, and commercial telephone entry systems are more affordable than ever before. At Artech Security, we are committed to helping your business stay safe by providing you customized systems that suit your specific security needs and requirements. We can design these systems to suit your budget, so you don’t have any excuses for letting your offices be burglarized. Our commercial telephone entry systems can provide you the best possible protection, as well as a wide range of added features and benefits.

Among the main security solutions offered by Artech Security, there are intercom and door entry buzzer systems. We cater to all commercial and residential premises in the Vancouver¬†area. We can design the perfect system for your building, regardless your specific needs. We can design and install multi-family intercom or commercial IP-based video door entry systems with access control and in-built video surveillance. We can customize these systems to match your needs. Also, we offer staff training and ongoing maintenance, for a seamless functioning of all these systems and accessories. We take pride in helping, or clients enjoy a more secure and easier life. We can provide either hosted or managed options, thus being able to fit all skill levels and budgets. Our managed services include but aren’t limited to state-of-the-art technical support and training. By taking advantage of these services, you can focus on other things, as our skilled technicians are going to manage these systems for you. At Artech Security, we firmly believe in customization. When it comes to intercom systems and the security of various buildings. We can design the perfect intercom and door buzzer system to match the configuration and the particularities of your building, thus giving you the peace of mind that your occupants are always going to be secure. Here are a few of the systems we can install and maintain:

  • Audio intercoms and door entry systems
  • Video intercoms and door entry systems
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Telephone entry systems programmable by remote
  • Intercoms with built-in proximity sensor
  • IP-based audio intercoms
  • IP-based video intercoms
  • SIP-enabled door entry stations

Our main priorities when it comes to intercom solutions are reliability and sustainability. Our technicians can recommend you the most suitable equipment but also do all the required wiring. This enables easy upgrades and expansions, should you ever need them in the future. We are eager to design the perfect system to keep your building secure.

An added layer of security for your building

All doors in a building should always be locked. Tenants can have easy access by using swipe cards and key card systems. However, visitors are a permanent concern.

Whatever your role in managing a building, our trained engineers can help you with the design, upgrade, repair and the installation of the following:

  • Multi-family apartment building intercom systems
  • Gated communities intercom systems
  • Residential intercom systems
  • Remote buzzer systems for commercial spaces
  • Residential video door entry systems
  • Garage door and gate control systems
  • High-rise building intercom systems
  • Integrated commercial intercom systems

When they are properly designed and implemented, intercom and telephone entry systems enable you, as a building owner or manager, to offer your tenants protection from intruders or unwanted visitors. Also, audio and video intercom systems can enhance the security of your building even more. All these security systems are going to make your building more attractive for potential clients. You are going to have an easier time at finding new tenants, while your actual ones are going to stay longer.

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