places to install security cameras

Planning Security Cameras Placement

Most security cameras feature high-caliber options and powers like being able stand up to freak winter storms or record very clear images even in the middle of a dark night. However, if you are going to maximize your benefits from security cameras and high technology, then you have to put the cameras in the places and locations that are most advantageous. Security cameras primarily exist for deterrence and investigation purposes, and those two goals are the factors that largely determine where you should put them. Put your security cameras in spots that increases their likelihood of recording activity that might need to be played back accurately, but also where the cameras have the greatest chance of deterring possible criminal behavior.

If you follow this school of thought, then it becomes evident that there are four different locations where security cameras can investigate and deter crimes from happening at government installations, homes, and businesses.

  • The primary location is at points of entry or exit, which add up to the greatest places to capture facial images that might be used for identification purposes. Be certain you set cameras up to view areas around three feet in width so that facial identification images can be recorded. Three feet is the approximate width of most doors. When you put a camera towards an entry or exit point, be mindful of when you point cameras towards any exterior door, since sudden changes in light can severely darken your recorded images. It might be simpler to view any exit with a camera that is facing away from outdoor light since the image is more even. Also, if you try to capture facial images, it is useful to put up a monitor or television close to the entrance, since it naturally draws the attention of people’s eyes. If you set up your security camera close to the screen, you get more clear facial image captures, as well as deterring possible criminals who notice the surveillance.
  • The next best place to put up security cameras is at points of customer interaction or transactions. These include things like kiosks, teller stations, and cash registers. These are smart points to try and capture investigative imagery. Camera presence is also a good deterrent for anyone thinking about robbing someone. Keep your cameras around seven feet high, pointing them directly towards the area. Mounting cameras up too high, like on the ceiling, only gives you images of the tops of heads, and not the faces of people.
  • The third best place to locate security cameras is at target locations, such as cash drawers, safes, filing cabinets, jewelry cabinets, and anything else that might prove alluring to thieves. Your goal at these spots is to capture wide imagery so that you can review crimes instead of identify faces. Target some cameras for high positions so they are able to peer down smaller spaces such as drawers or cabinets.
  • The fourth and final place that proves good for security cameras is secluded spots like parking lots or back alleys where they can both deter and also investigate crimes, such as violence or vandalism. When there are no human eyes, seeing a camera might stop someone from doing something terrible or criminal.

Security cameras serve to deter crime but also investigate it. For cameras to be able to do these tasks, they need to be in the best locations, such as points of exit and entry, points of customer transactions, target areas, and secluded locations.

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